1981 Panasonic PK-751 VHS Camera having issues to record image.

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Hello! My first post here. So, if i'm posting anything wrong let me know and i edit it right away :)
I have this old Panasonic VHS camera that needs to be plugged into a vcr in order to record.
(Camera) (VCR) The unit that's under the VCR in the picture i'm using to power on the VCR, since it's battery is dead. It was pretty difficult to make this thing run for the first time because i didn't had the manual and the information online about this camera is pretty scarce (One of the reasons i'm writing this thread).
So the camera connects to the vcr through a 10-pin cable that i wasn't able to find information online.
(Cable head + VCR input) I've already checked and it's supplying the camera with 10v - but i don't know if i measured it right, cause i don't know which pins to measure. And also, i don't know how much the camera is supposed to receive from this cable. But i'm getting ahead of myself here.
So i've plugged the camera in to the VCR and turned it on. The viewfinder showed a blank screen and 2 of the 3 leds turned on - the WB one (that is green) and the UNDER one (that is yellow - if i had to guess i would say that is saying it's "under" exposed). The third one only turns on when it's recording.
(Viewfinder + leds) When i pointed the camera to the light, i has able to barely see it in the viewfinder, but since was everything blank i saw more of a silhouette than a actual light. So i thought the camera was capturing image, it just wasn't sending the correct signals to the viewfinder. I was mistaken. I popped the VHS in the VCR and tried to record something, cause idk, maybe the camera is outputting the correct signal to the VCR. But it wasn't. When i tried to watch the recording it was all static BUT! BUUUUT - There was audio. And the audio was perfect! Its microphone is working perfectly.
(VHS Result) So since it was able to record the audio from the microphone perfectly, i doubt the problem has something to do with the VCR. I really think there's something (obviously) not working in the camera. Maybe a f*cked up potenciometer that i have to re-adjust or some blown capacitors. But i can't find information anywhere about this camera. No manuals, no schematics, no nothing.
Actually there was one guy on youtube that has some test footage but it doesn't get really technical. And there was this post in a forum that kinda resembles my problem but it's not quite it (https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/vintage-vhs-camera-recording-issue.127915/).
Well any ideas? Maybe i'm totally wrong in my assumptions. Any piece of information on this would be really helpful.