1979 3W091A Dayton/Onan generator internal wiring issue

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This is a Dayton, but was made by Onan and was also sold by Montgomery Wards.

The unit was taken apart as the decades old gas was a sandy sludge in the gas tank, the foam filter was slowly being sucked through the engine as it deteriorated, and I wanted to check, and rebuild anything amiss with the engine.
I also painted it with Detroit Diesel Alpine Green.
The engine only needed the exhaust valve adjusted and the fuel system cleaned.
I had taken pictures when taking it apart, but the ones dealing with some of the internal wiring is missing.
I have a diagram posted
The B series connections can only be associated with the Capacitor, but which + does it go to the + on the rectifier or the + on the rotor assembly A3?
C3 looks like it goes to C6, but the tab looks cut off and has as much patina as all the other brass connections and C3 could have been unconnected as it's the only insulated female blade connector in the machine.
I have found diagrams of full bridge rectifiers with 4 pins, and half bridge rectifiers with 3 pins missing the ground pin just like mine does and this could be either if the factory cut off the 4th pin.
So, is the rectifier a full bridge or half bridge?
Also, the + on the rectifier that has to go to one of the Capacitor leads has a spade connector than seems like it would connect to the ground plate, but it is coming from the rectifier positive pin.
All the A series connectors are screw in connectors.
All the C series are blade connectors.
The A series have to be on the capacitor as they are much thinner and can only go on that part.
There is also the possibility a connection or two was misplaced before I got it as it was obviously not running when I got it.
All the wires that go to the bottom of the page go into the stator assembly.

half_bridge_rec.jpg Bridge Rectifier.jpg Generator Wiring Issue small.jpg