12V to 12.6V boost with current limit for 1Amps

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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Input is 12V, output I need is 12.6V with 1Amps current limit.
Output connected: Lithium battery 8.1V to 12.6V range and a resistive load in parallel.

Since battery is also connected at the output, so current limit is required. Otherwise battery drains huge current, if limit is not there


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Guessing that you wish to supply a load with 12.6 v if available or if not use battery? If so might diode OR the supplies into the load. Could use a boost- buck converter ? I thought I had one but have conflicting specs.


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You didn't state the needed voltage. For example from a 12 volt output to a 5 volt needed voltage you would use an LM7805. For a 9 volt needed voltage you would use a Lm7809. The last 2 digits reference the voltage output. These are available in both thru hole and smd.