12V tail light problem

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Ok guys, Here is what I'm doing. I have a 1988 Corvette and I'm fabricating an LED Eagle Eye set-up. The vehicle has a 2-wire set-up with variable voltage at the light switch for running lights and brake/turning signal. What I'm trying to do is fabricate an outer ring inside each light assembly for the running lights (lower voltage) and and when turn signal or brake lights come on all leds will illuminate with full 12v. Problem is the two wire harness.
Is there a electrical part that can discriminate between a lower voltage and higher voltage? Am I lookat this all wrong? Is it just a wiring issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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your 2 wire is actually a 3 wire. tail light , brake light and ground. the corvette is fiberglass and requires a ground wire to each light socket.

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I could have sworn it was source voltage and ground but I was not absolutely sure. If that is the case then this project just got quite a bit easier. Thank you very much alfacliff!


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AAC doesn't allow automotive modifications. I expect your thread will be closed soon. Just be prepared.

It's a safety/liability thing.


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