12V Output Powers Supply design question

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James 26

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Hello all,

I am building a power supply that has a voltage regulator that will have up to 1amp flowing through it.

Is it necessary to include a heat sink?

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My crystal ball is a bit cloudy... How about a schematic and part numbers? Most 78xxx regulators will need a heatsink to reach max current output. If not their internal protection will shut them down before getting there.


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Calculate the power dissipated by the voltage regulator and then calculate or use an on-line calculator to determine the temperature rise.


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Just in case you don't know how to do that:
  1. Subtract the the output voltage Vout from the input voltage Vin
  2. Multiply that voltage difference by the current to get watts of power to be dissipated
  3. Multiply watts by thermal resistance to get temperature rise.
  4. If the temperature rise means the junction temperature will be at 125 °C or greater, I would be sure to use a heatsink

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James 26

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So have tracked down the data sheet, see attached screenshot for relevant values:


my circuit has 16.8v dc in 12v dc out.
1 in/out
4.8 watts disapated = 288 degrees if I use the value of 60.
So I need a heat sink.

I assume this is right? Thoughts?

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James 26

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So I have build the circuit, Decided to stay with the LM2940C regulator.

I have 12V out but for some reason there is no current flow to charge the battery, have tried other loads including light bulb etc and that works fine.

Thought the battery might have been too heavy a load for regulator (1 amp limit) so tried creating some parallel branches to decrease load but that didn't work either.

I have had issues with this battery only being able to charge on certain chargers, some electrical characteristic of the charger maybe? impedance matching issue with the battery?

Your help much appreciated,



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hi James.
You cannot really charge a 12V battery with a 12V supply.
If it is a lead acid 12Vbattery, you need approx 14V charger.