120v appliance connected to 240v outlet, explosion = gone?

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Hey sorry if it's unrelated but I hope someone can help.

I bought a pressure cooker from the US and it was rated at 120v, stupid me connected it regardless with an adapter to my outlet which is 240v because I live in EU. There was a big explosion sound as well as a big flash, my house electricity automatically turned it self off as a result.

I smelled the part where the flash came from and I couldn't smell anything burnt,
I then checked and saw that I need to buy a voltage convertor but I guess it's kind of too late..

What do you think, is it for sure gone? Or is it possible to fix? I am considering opening it and taking a look, I used to practice at school with soldering and electronics but do you think there is even hope? This thing was expensive..

Thanks a lot, will appreciate any replay

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hi UL.
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It is now just scrap, you could use bits of it for study.:rolleyes:
What do you think was damaged? I didn't even click the ON button so I don't see how it could've damaged the heating unit, of course I guess it depends on how it's made but could it be something more simple to fix?


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If you didn’t click the on button and it still blew up, this would suggest circuitry within it is constantly powered up and being in the off position does not cut power completely from the appliance. I side with Eric on this.


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If it has a mains input filter the capacitors in that could have failed due to the over voltage. I agree with Dave on taking pictures of the inside of the item so we have some chance at seeing what might have failed.