05 Honda Accord Immobizer Disable?

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Hi all.

This posting drew me to your site (https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/...mmobilizer-bypass-deactivation-trouble.157789), and based on the responses I thought you would the guys to help. I could not find my answer in the referenced thread. I was wondering if you could help.

I pulled the engine/tranny, pcm and harness out of a 05 Honda Accord from the junk yard. And I'm planning on swapping it into a 98 acura integra. My 98 doesn't have all this immo stuff (not that it would have help the situation), but apparently the accord does.

Anyhow, can someone help me bypass or disable the immobilizer? I've attached a picture of the pcm. Based on what I can gather online, I suspect the two chips of interested are the two down by the center screw, to it's right. Am I on the right track? They identical, with the marking "RL66." I read somewhere, that these are common for type of application. And they are supposedly equivalent to 93c66 chips (I'm very new to this). So, I bought a CH341A chip reader from amazon, made an adapter to read 93cXX chips, and read both chips. They look to store the same info. Question, why would they have the same info on two chips? or was I reading it wrong? I attached one of the bin files.

At the end of the day, I want to be able to run the engine package on the bench before putting it into my integra. Is there some code i can edit to disable the immobilizer? I've seen fancy tuning kits that bypass this function on top of other things. But I don't want to drop 400-600$ or more on it, especially when I have the pcm already and just want it to run.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.