trace width

  1. BrokenPin

    is it a good idea to stitch 4 copper polygons together to increase current capabilities?

    Hi all, I have a 4-layer PCB with a below layer-stack and I will be having a net that is supposed to handle 100A. I know I should use a heavy copper PCB instead of this 4-layer PCB but to save cost I stitched 4 polygons on all layers with (0.5 hole size, 1 diameter) vias to accommodate the high...
  2. mattmunee

    Dealing with high current traces with few layers

    I'm building a board with multiple ASIC's in series. Each ASIC has a footprint similar to a DFN, where there are a few IO pins on either side of the ASIC. In addition there are two large pads that supply power (V+) and ground (V-) for the high-current domain. Further, these ASIC's are...
  3. J

    Power Circuit for TB9051FTG Trace Width

    Please see If anyone could offer more advice about the trace width I should be using for the power circuit for the TB9051FTG chip, that would be hugely helpful.
  4. E

    How to change trace width and spacing of diff pairs in the design using MentorGraphics Hyperlynx SI

    Hi, I am simulating my postgraduate project using Hyperlynx SI tool. I am testing on PCIe traces of my design. I did my design using Altium and I exported to Hyperlynx file to do the simulation. But I cannot change the trace width and spacing of Differential pairs using Hyperlynx SI tool. Is...