solar charge controller

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    Keep running circuit while solar charging

    Hi All, I would like to build a simple automatic irrigation system with Raspberry Pi zero, the thing is that I don't have access to electricity outside. I thought to connect 5v solar panel + 3\4 chargeable batteries. Im not that familiar with building control circuits for charging batteries...
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    Solar charger & timer

    Hi I need help building the electronics for a home project. Essentially I am trying to: 1. Charge a battery with a solar panel 2. Activate a 12solenoid valve controlling pressurized water with a push button 3. Have the solenoid close after an adjustable time delay I was able to find solar...
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    Battery Bank Charging

    I have a battery bank of 96V. Can I charge my battery bank with two 48V charge controllers. If it is possible what shall be the configuration.
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    Need help with setting up LiFePO4 battery parameters in a Solar Charge Controller.

    Hi, I am trying to set up the parameters for a LiFePO4 battery bank for a solar charge controller. I have tried to search the internet for understanding the basics of LiFePO4 battery but couldn't find any source from where I can understand the logics to calculate the parameters. So please pardon...