seven segment display

  1. stryker1803

    Created a project for my Zybo Z7 - 7010 but it wont work.

    Hello guys, This last week I've been learning VHDL using Vivado and a Zybo Z7 I bought. I created an Altitude simulator. It uses LEDS, Buttons and PMOD Double Seven Segment. After I created the code and run it using a tb I decided to upload it into the board but is not working. I'm new to this...
  2. sabbirwasif27

    Want to make a counter that will stop taking clock pulse if count is 3.

    I want to build a counter and want to display it with 7 segment display. I will use a push button to give a clock pulse so this will be the enter button. What I want is, when the counter is 3 then it will lock my clock pulse or enter button. This means if I click the push button after count 3 it...