1. lukxa

    Dual switch with two outputs and constant third

    Hello everyone, I made 3 fans for resin 3d printer enclosure. 2 of those are main fans to take air out of chamber and third one is inline fan to push air further down the pipes. I have 2 switches and want to wire 2 main fans to those switches so one switch controlls one fan. How can I connect...
  2. J

    PCB Schematic design needed

    Hi, I have a PCB layout for which I need schematic design. Can someone create it?
  3. sleigh.za

    My first ESP32 Dev board design

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to designing schematics and PCB's and have only ever done simple circuits up until now. I have tried my hand at designing my very first ESP32 based Dev board. I know that these can be bought for fairly cheap already, but wanted to have a go at actually designing...
  4. S

    SI5389 Clock Synthesizer reference schematics

    Hi all, I'm trying to implement a IEEE1588 Network Synchronizer using SI5389 Clock Synthesizer from Silicon/Skyworks. However, I'm not able to find a reference design for the above and need schematic designs. Would be of great help if you share a design if any to get an understanding of how I...
  5. Hunteru

    Anyone has any idea what this means?

    Hi everybody, Anyone has any idea of what this means ? Here's the complete schematics: It's a line amplifier, and it could be a linear Pot of Fader... I don't know. Thank you