1. K

    Why are input and output grounds shorted for an isolated DC to HVDC converter module?

    Hello and thanks in advance for any potential answers. Background: I am planning to use a DC to high voltage DC converter module (XP Power G40) for a electro-adhesion based project. It is a compact and isolated power supply module which takes 12V DC as maximum input and provides a proportional...
  2. HDJG

    Power management for 6 axis robotic arm

    Hello Guys, Im currently in the process of designing and then building a robotic arm. And now im designing the electronics for it. They should be pretty simple "i hope". I've attached a picture of the circuit that I am currently designing on, and maybe you notice im not an electrical engineer...
  3. F

    EVSE using Relay over Contactor - would a contactor give a longer lifetime?

    Hello, While relays have a size advantage, an electrical engineer from a partner team tells me we should use contactors instead of relays for our ~7kW (single phase) and 22kW (3 phase) charge points. He said that the relays, when operating for long periods will have a higher chance of failing...
  4. K

    How do mobile robot charging contact bars work? How are they safe?

    Hi all, Question for any of you who may know: How does mobile robot charging work safely? I notice a lot of delivery robots are designed with these large contacts (boxed in red below), but how are these designed to prevent them from being live contacts in case of customers accidentally...
  5. Baker Steve

    Basic question from one rusty on passives

    I am constructing a filter unit that is intended to allow visualisation (on a scope) and measurement of high-frequency interference on 240v UK mains by means of a high-pass filter to remove the 50 Hz component. What would be the best (and safest) circuit to isolate the unit from the mains while...
  6. J

    Help thinking about Grounding/Safety for LED device

    Hello - I'm creating an LED device and I'd like to have a good understanding of grounding/safety so I don't accidentally harm my users! I'm powering my device with an AC/DC wall mount adapter that outputs 20V which connects to a barrel jack on my PCB. I'm using an LED driver as well that...
  7. A

    Touching live wires on high voltage line.

    Hey everyone :) I'm working as an automation engineer and I've always asked myself why people say, that for example birds, can sit on power-lines, because they aren't touching neutral/different potential and no current is flowing. I can't really get this explanation into my head, because...
  8. C

    Safety of using pump for kid's play sink.

    A similar question was posted on here about 1.5 years ago, but it didn't really address the safety aspect. I want to make a simple play sink for my kid that recirculates the water (to save on water waste). I don't want to use gravity fed or some other manual method because part of the purpose...
  9. Lambo Av

    Circuit Breaker Location

    Hi, in IEEE 3 bus, why are circuit breakers connected at the 'load' rather than connected at the 'generator and load'?
  10. Lambo Av

    Given 3 buses with line impedance, generators and loads provided, where must the protection circuit be allocated?

    The 3 buses are Bus 1: Slack bus with a voltage source of E=1.0 and phase of 0° Bus 2: a generator and a load. Bus 3: a load. The line impedance are given below: z12 = 0.05 + j0.1 z13 = 0.02 + j0.05 z23 = j0.05 z11 = -j100 z22 = infinity z33 = -j40 The generators and loads are given below...
  11. Lambo Av

    How to shut down a wind power plant?

    Just curious, how do they shut down those wind power plants given their tall structure? What are the procedures to do it? Thanks.
  12. Lambo Av

    How to shut down a hydroelectric power plant generator?

    Was cycling near a hydroelectric power plant generator with my sister and she asked me if they can be shut down. I said "Yes, all power plant generators can be shut down". I wasn't sure, so here I am to get some inputs on the safety procedures from AAC readers. Thanks. Any input is appreciated!
  13. M

    best radar for object detection

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie when it comes to radars and need some help. I want to make a radar that can detect people/objects from the back of the car when it is reversing. I have demo position2go kit, but I can't seem to configure it to detect reliably. Sometimes it detects when nothing is there...
  14. M

    Batteries down the well

    Hi, I am a first time poster in need of some advice. Whilst inspecting my household drinking well, my torch with four 18650 cells plunged to the bottom. The torch is waterproof but probably not at the 24ft depth of my well. What reactions are likely to take place, and what if any...