1. Aarmin

    Schematic Review: Rocket flight controller + Advice

    Hello! This is a schematic i made for my model rocket based on an MPU9150, BMP280 and ATSAMD21, along with an swd programmer to flash the chip. Would like to know whether all the connections made are fine, and how i can add servo control along with pyrochannels using mosfets Thanks!
  2. Finally,  a Breadboard Friendly Tactile Switch

    Finally, a Breadboard Friendly Tactile Switch

    This is the first in what I hope to be a series of concise posts on useful items I have found from online sources. I would appreciate feedback on the format and content. Please let me know if you find this sort of thing useful. Suggestions on improvements are very welcome. At a glance…...
  3. pidgin

    Circuit review/analysis for a stepper motor auto-enabling and time-delay mechanism.

    Hi people :) I would love some help reviewing my little circuit.. I have a stepper motor driver (TB6600) which has an "ENABLE" function. It has an ENA- that is supposed to be connected to the ground, and a ENA+ where you supply the signal for ENABLING or DISABLING the stepper motor connected...