1. T

    detecting if connector is plugged in

    The basic problem were trying to solve is certain secondary device's cables gets left unplugged and we need a way to detect a cable that is plugged into my device,and check if that cable is actually plugged into a secondary device and not hanging around unplugged. I have a cable with 5 pins on...
  2. jshep

    How do I repair this Plug?

    Hello everyone. There's this damaged plug, of which you can find some photos in the attached files (with and without the protective cover), which I was told, by the previous inhabitant of the place, was once used as an RJ11 plug for a telephone. I doesn't really look like that to me but I...
  3. T

    Making a mobile phone fast charger plug

    Hi all, I am totally new to all this and i honestly have no idea what i need so im looking for some advice. what i want is to be able to make my own circuit board layout for a fast charger plug for your mobile. what i want to know is: what components do i need which components connect to...