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    How do I eliminate noise in an 8085 circuit?

    Hi, I am still relatively new to microprocessor circuits. Please tell me how I can reduce or eliminate the noise introduced into the circuit below? I have a half-decent power supply with a stable output voltage(input about 12 volts, output about 5 volts): But there is noise in the...
  2. S

    Generator and variable input set output

    Okay, so I am doing a stupid project. Lets say I have a small motor that I am going to be using as a generator. It can output up to 350w at 24vdc. I need something that can take ANY INPUT voltage dc and output it to 14.2v dc to charge a lead acid battery. I bought 2 boost converters off of ebay...
  3. A

    Output of OP-Amp circuits

    Could really use some help with this, thank you all :)
  4. W

    Atmega16 pin not outputting 5V

    Hi, I'm new to microcontrollers and I'm trying to build this 4x4 LED cube, controlled by an Atmega16: https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Cube-4x4x4/ I've completed the circuit as shown in the tutorial and am testing the output pins before I put together the rest of the cube. When I set the...
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    TE- BNC Connector - Pin Description for PCB

    Hi, I am using TE Connectivity Right Angle 50Ω PCB Mount Fitting BNC Connector for signal output in a PCB Board. It contains 2 Pins. Is Pin 1 for Signal and Pin 2 for ground? Also, do I need to add any protectors(EMC, Etc...) inboard for this. Thanks in advance