1. MrsssSu

    PS2501 optocoupler LT Spice Library File

    Hi, is there anyone having this PS 2501 optocoupler library from LT Spice. Pardon Me, I couldn't find on the internet :). Please attach it below. Thank you
  2. A

    Voltage Source Opto XX?

    Hey There, so looking into Optocouplers, I just realized that the output is a transistor controlled by the light from the input - I (for some reason) thought it was a voltage source like a solar panel. Anyways, this would have funny, maybe stupid applications, like generating very high...
  3. L

    TRIAC (BTA41-600) and optocoupler (MOC3041) not working with load

    Hey guys, it's my first post here, so I'm sorry if I'm doing it in the wrong place and I really hope you can help me! I'm developing a dimmer with ESP8266 and I'm having trouble with the TRIAC circuit. I have a zero cross detector developed and it works fine, but when I try to send the signal...
  4. Alex_Khan

    Opto-isolator/ optocoupler for electric isolation in IC design.

    Hello everyone. I came across while reading the opto-isolator technique used for electric isolation in embedded systems/ Integrated Circuits design that " Opto-isolator is not recommended for electric isolation in power applications IC's mainly due to its dV/dt sensitivity". So I would like to...
  5. M

    Using an Opto to Control a Current Source to Create a Voltage Input

    Hi, I am using an FL5150 IC, that has a control pin ('dim') with a 10uA current source on it. Their datasheet shows a variable resistor 0-250k which creates a voltage of 0-2.5V. I want to drive/control this using an isolated PWM signal. I've simulated many circuits using the Vdd pin...
  6. T

    Detect-if-Connected circuit for DSLR -low voltage, low current.

    Hello, I have a DSLR camera which will have a long, wired remote trigger controlled by a microcontroller (I'm using an STM32 Nucleo). My goal is to: A. Detect that the remote trigger between the camera and MCU is plugged in, and illuminate an LED. B. Have the MCU trigger the shutter (take a...
  7. Alan_uk

    Circuit B opto-coupler upsets Circuit A opto-couplers

    Hi. I have built an interface between a Raspi 4 and an Alarm Panel with some extra add ons. The diagram below shows 3 circuits A, B & C. Circuit A at the top has 8 inputs from the alarm panel (12v) and feeds them through 8 optocouplers (2 x 4 modules) - note the internal 3K resistors and...