1. flaviodsilva

    Motor control using MOC3041 optocoupler

    I'm currently doing my master thesis, and I'm now at a point where I have to control a few AC motors with a microcontroller. From my previous study about the subject, and from previous similar thesis, I've noticed a common practice is to use an optocoupler to separate low voltage from high...
  2. MrsssSu

    PS2501 optocoupler LT Spice Library File

    Hi, is there anyone having this PS 2501 optocoupler library from LT Spice. Pardon Me, I couldn't find on the internet :). Please attach it below. Thank you
  3. A

    Voltage Source Opto XX?

    Hey There, so looking into Optocouplers, I just realized that the output is a transistor controlled by the light from the input - I (for some reason) thought it was a voltage source like a solar panel. Anyways, this would have funny, maybe stupid applications, like generating very high...
  4. L

    TRIAC (BTA41-600) and optocoupler (MOC3041) not working with load

    Hey guys, it's my first post here, so I'm sorry if I'm doing it in the wrong place and I really hope you can help me! I'm developing a dimmer with ESP8266 and I'm having trouble with the TRIAC circuit. I have a zero cross detector developed and it works fine, but when I try to send the signal...
  5. Alex_Khan

    Opto-isolator/ optocoupler for electric isolation in IC design.

    Hello everyone. I came across while reading the opto-isolator technique used for electric isolation in embedded systems/ Integrated Circuits design that " Opto-isolator is not recommended for electric isolation in power applications IC's mainly due to its dV/dt sensitivity". So I would like to...
  6. M

    Using an Opto to Control a Current Source to Create a Voltage Input

    Hi, I am using an FL5150 IC, that has a control pin ('dim') with a 10uA current source on it. Their datasheet shows a variable resistor 0-250k which creates a voltage of 0-2.5V. I want to drive/control this using an isolated PWM signal. I've simulated many circuits using the Vdd pin...
  7. T

    Detect-if-Connected circuit for DSLR -low voltage, low current.

    Hello, I have a DSLR camera which will have a long, wired remote trigger controlled by a microcontroller (I'm using an STM32 Nucleo). My goal is to: A. Detect that the remote trigger between the camera and MCU is plugged in, and illuminate an LED. B. Have the MCU trigger the shutter (take a...
  8. Alan_uk

    Circuit B opto-coupler upsets Circuit A opto-couplers

    Hi. I have built an interface between a Raspi 4 and an Alarm Panel with some extra add ons. The diagram below shows 3 circuits A, B & C. Circuit A at the top has 8 inputs from the alarm panel (12v) and feeds them through 8 optocouplers (2 x 4 modules) - note the internal 3K resistors and...