microcontroller design

  1. plugnplay

    Designing a frequency divider

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project where I have to divide a 100 MHz frequency by n. where n could be any integer1,2,3,4,...9. where I want to give these n integer from external keypad or any software control. Is it possible to do it with #microcontroller based system or FPGA...
  2. D

    Pull up Resistors Rx, Tx on MCU

    Hi, I want to add to design LED indication for Rx, Tx over pull up resistors, please refer picture for more detail. I do not know is this good idea or is better to add two dedicated outputs on MCU only for RX, Tx LED management. Please share pros and coins for solution on picture. Thanks.
  3. F

    LTspice: using conditional statements to switch ON & OFF voltage–controlled switches in a resonance circuit

    Hi, An initially charged capacitor in a resonance circuit undergoes periodic voltage reversal (blue line), as shown below: A possible circuit to address this problem uses 2 capacitor banks & switch modules, as shown: C₁ and C₂ represent metallized film capacitor banks of equal capacitance...
  4. MrsssSu

    Arduino PID for propeller pendulum to balance horizontally

    Dear all, this hobby project I setup is using an encoder to make the stick to be 90 degress which is at 1500 steps (0 degrees=perfectly horizontal using PID control). My encoder counter code is obtained from video here and I have tested it which works perfectly well. Since this encoder is 1200...
  5. ZCochran98

    Custom Microcontroller Design Verification And/Or Advice

    I'm working on a custom microcontroller design based largely off of NXP's K64 FRDM boards as part of a larger project, and recently (despite the date on the schematic) finished what may be considered "version 1." As a brief background, this board will have a sibling layout embedded into a larger...