1. U

    Full bridge inverter using IR2110 giving output in patches

    I have made a full-bridge inverter using the IR2110 IC. The MOSFETs used are IRF540n. The bootstrap capacitor is 4.7uf. The diodes used are 1N5819 high-frequency Schottky diodes. The operating frequency is 50KHz. The input signal is given using an Arduino Uno. 1.5kohm gate to source resistor is...
  2. acacacaca

    Unexpected result of IR2110 for the purpose of Class D amplifier

    I have tried a few IR2110 models but still cannot get the expected result. Would you mind giving a helping hand to see if there are some problems with the IR2110models or my connection is incorrect? The models can be found within the google drive...
  3. G

    H bridge problems using IR2110

    Hello, I designed attached circuit to drive H Bridge. My generated input signals are in attached picture, duty cyce that I am using is 40% for each signal, 99 kHz frequency. As result I am getting really bad shape of signal on R9 resistor. I am no getting steep signal when I turning H bridge...