1. BeginnerLevel1

    Solving boolean expression using annihilation rule

    Suppose I have a function described as: AB+(1+AB+CK+G) Can I asssume that the expression I have inside the brackets is equal to 1? annihilation rule:0x=0,1+x=1 I need to reduce the function in order to have a minimum of logic gates.
  2. K

    Looking for help for circuit analysis. Troubleshooting a DBX 1066 compressor/gate/limiter

    Hi everybody! Hope you're good! :) I'm strugglin since some days on that nice muscial tool. I've replaced some faulty switches. Replaced them with new one from Mouser. Sadly I've managed to hurt some VIAS connecting both side of the board. Luckilly enough this is just 2 layer board (top/bottom)...