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    How PFC responds to Load power demand in SMPS (flyback) converter

    I tried to understand PFC in an SMPS voltage converter. I read from many websites but still confused very much about the following things. Situation: it’s an SMPS flyback (for example) converter, to output (for example) 24v dc to an inductive load of 100W (average). Input 230v AC mains 50Hz...
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    600V DC from 12V DC Source

    Hello, I am out of my wheelhouse here as an educator with no electronics background. I am looking to get 600V DC from a 12V lead acid battery I plan to put a supercapacitor in between to stop any issues with headlights flickering etc. as this will be mounted in a vehicle. What I am trying to...
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    PCB Review - 200V Flyback Converter

    Hello, I have a first draft of a 24VIN 200VOUT PCB and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions, especially from anyone who has experience with switching power supply design. This is a two-layer board with a ground plane on the bottom layer. Some things that I considered while laying out...