1. dash akol

    How to make a gold detector

    We want to make a gold detector that can detect a depth of 5 meters What modules and sensors do you suggest to do this with high accuracy?
  2. R

    Help identifying a part needed (optical rotary encoder elements)

    Hello all, I was wondering if you could help me identify a part (actually 2 parts) from a rotary encoder. It's a nice, heavy duty dual concentric switch from an old piece of avionics. I'm trying to find out more about its optical components . It has 2 emitters and 2 detectors on each deck...
  3. T

    detecting if connector is plugged in

    The basic problem were trying to solve is certain secondary device's cables gets left unplugged and we need a way to detect a cable that is plugged into my device,and check if that cable is actually plugged into a secondary device and not hanging around unplugged. I have a cable with 5 pins on...
  4. U

    Phase Drifts Detector

    Hello, everyone! I have a problem with approaching a university project, which aim is to detect the phase drifts (difference, deviation) between a mains supply voltage and either an internal reference and externally input reference signal. The system should be micro-controller based (MSP430)...