dc dc converter

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    How to use of GaN Transistor gates instead of IGBT in this circuit ?

    I have a boost converter circuit. its designed with IGBT . But I wanna use GaN transistor and simulate it . But GaN Transistor has two gates . Do I have to use two gates or using one gate is enough ? How can it be its design with vpulse values and resistor? I added photo of circuit, GaN...
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    How to Choose Best 650 V , 60A GaN Transistors for Switching Losses ?

    Hi , I will calculate GaN transistors switching losses in Dc DC converter Systems. The formula is , Psw= Vds*Id*fsw*((Ton+Toff)/2) . Vds and Id are drain-source voltage and drain current of the device at OFF and ON intervals respectively. fsw switching frequency and Ton is switching time...
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    How to get correct graph in this Pspice circuit when simulate it ?

    Hi I am studying a dc dc converter model. My friend drew this circuit and got this graphic. I added his circuit and graph . But I draw same model , same numbers for resistors capacitors v pulse source ,inductor, diode but my graph is very different. Actually my V pulse source looks like doesn't...