current measurement

  1. T

    Question about SCT's

    Hi, I am currently trying to make an arduino based Power Meter. I will buy the SCT010T-D ct from YHDC. My question is the following. The ct says it has a DC 5v output at 5-10-20 etc Amps depending on the model. Does that mean the output is a sine wave with dc offset (which requires more...
  2. M

    advice on a current measurment circuit

    Here's a circuit i've designed for measuring approximate current flowing through a mosfet. I have a uC that has no ADC, it only has a comparator and an internal bandgap reference voltage. So i can't just connect the drain to an ADC input and divide the voltage by Rmosfet. The line marked "PWM"...
  3. talhaiftikharaja

    INA219 for solar panel power calculation

    Hi, I'm working on project which includes INA219 for sensing solar panel voltage and current. I have found other threads discussing on this matter but couldn't get answer I'm looking for. Instead of using any battery, I'm only looking to calculate current and Voltage from solar panel using...
  4. Lambo Av

    Voltage Magnitude, Phases, Current for Bus (Load Flow)

    Say there are 3 buses of: Bus 1: Slack bus with a voltage source of E=1.0 and phase of 0° Bus 2: a generator and a load. Bus 3: a load. The line impedance are given below: z12 = 0.05 + j0.1 z13 = 0.02 + j0.05 z23 = j0.05 z11 = -j100 z22 = infinity z33 = -j40 The generators and loads are given...
  5. H

    Low AC Current Sensor Circuit (current sensor)

    I am having issues finding a Variable current sensor switch that will precisely sense within the AC current ranges of 0-1 Amps (Test Range 0.001-0.2 Amps). Once the range of (0.001-0.2A) is sensed, I would like to trigger an alarm. Any suggestions on what I could use to sense such low AC currents?
  6. S

    Phase and Gain of transimpedence amplifier and effect of input impedance

    Hello, I am new to hardware design. I am designing measurement circuit for Impedance Spectroscopy of electrochemistry cell. I need to measure the current coming from electrodes which have range from few milliamperes to few nanoamperes. as literature suggested, the equivalent circuit for...