1. S

    Slew rate Max frequency

    Hi, I need some help here, I want to calculate the maximum operating frequency that will not cause distortion in my output signal due to slew rate characteristics, for the ampop lm741, for example if I have 1 Volt amplitude in my input and I have a gain af=20dB (linear 10) and another case if I...
  2. Tiago Rocha

    LM741 Op Amp not working

    So, i want to use an Op Amp with inverting topology to invert -3,3v into 3.3v (gain of -1). when i simulated it as in the figure i've used single power supplies and it worked (even with 5v in simulation). But in the practice i've tried 5v,12v and 15v single power supplies and none of them made...
  3. T

    741 Op-amp LTSpice Simulation

    Hi, I am trying to plot frequency response of 741 op-amp by LTSpice. No matter I tried, I can't get the plot to be shown. I am a newbie as I just started with LTSpice yesterday. I have attached the file below, please help me to inspect what did I do wrong. Thank you so much.