Make With Mouser IoT Design Contest

Hello everyone, today I would like to share my little project to monitor the conditions my terrariums and tiny plants. This device will measure the soil moisture, temperature, humidity, pressure uv index and send notification to me over BLE. The device block diagram is seen as below:
Wireless Terrarium Monitor Block Diagram.png

The hardware is designed using Altium Designer and can be downloaded here:
The ML8511 sensor is end of life so I purchased from Alibaba, exp:
The rest components can be purchased from Mouser Electronics.

About the firmware, I created the Environmental Sensing Service, but it is not perfect, just enough to run. The Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, UV index can be read via this service. The firmware can be found here:

This project is not completed yet, below points are things to be done:
1/ Add WiFi to the device. I will add an ATWINC1510 so the sensor data can be updated via both WiFi and Bluetooth.
2/ Simple tracking feature. Simply measure the WiFi RSSI to know if the device is indoor or outdoor. The device will send "ping" package to a MQTT server, when the is no package from it, the server will notify the user that the device is disconnected. I use this feature to see whether my cats are indoor or if I put my plants in 1 place for too long.
3/ Mobile app. There is no mobile application for this yet, I will take my time with it.

I will keep this blog post updated as there is any update from the project. I just received the PCB a few days ago and now still soldering and debugging.