ZigBee broadcast, unreliable data delivery

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I'm new to ZigBee and just looking for a nudge in the right direction in regards to making broadcast traffic on ZigBee reliable. We're using XBee brand ZigBee radios.

We have a mesh network with 10 devices (one coordinator and 9 endpoints), and we're broadcasting short ascii strings (10~20 characters) from one device to the rest, then all those devices broadcast their response. Some of the data is getting lost, just disappearing between radios. I had hoped that the lower level ZigBee protocol would handle contention and guaranteed packet delivery to every node in the mesh so that I didn't have to worry about it, but this doesn't appear to be the case. Is it possible that I'm missing a setting somewhere in the ZigBee configuration, or am I going to have to implement my own TCP-like protocol and send everything point-to-point to guarantee delivery?