Zigbee Based Automatic Street lighting System

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I am Working on this as a semester Project. I need Guidance regarding the circuit Diagram of this Circuit If one can Kindly Provide the Diagram.Thanks
I am using these components

Transmitter Unit:

  • Step-down transformer: Converts the 230V AC supply to 12V AC.
  • Bridge rectifier: Converts the AC output of the transformer to DC.
  • Microcontroller (89c51): Takes data from the streetlights, processes it, and converts it into serial communication.
  • Zigbee module: Enables wireless communication between the transmitter and receiver units.
  • Streetlight terminals: Connected to the microcontroller and controlled using single pole single throw (SPST) relays.

Receiver Unit:

  • Zigbee module: Receives data from the transmitter unit.
  • MAX232: Converts voltage levels for communication between the microcontroller (89c51) and the PC.
  • Microcontroller (89c51): Processes the received data and controls the GUI on the computer.


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Since this is a school project absolutely nobody is going to draw a diagram for you. Do your own work, post it , and ask questions about it. People will guide you in the correct direction, but not do the work for you.