YouTube Channel for Arduino & Raspberry & Robotics Stuff

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Hey guys,

I created a new channel for vlogging about microelectronics and Arduino & Raspberry specifically.

Its just starting but Ill basically be moving all my written WordPress tutorials from over to video format. Because was originally meant as a Spanish language resource, videos will be available in Spanish but also in English. So basically a bilingual resource for hobbyists but I will also be trying to orient the vlogs as a source for ideas about creating sellable final products. People can post their final projects as long as they contain complete and detailed instructions on how to produce a certain device or component as a sellable product. I will kick it off with some of my own as soon as I get through a few videos explaining the basics.

Hope you find it interesting and if you do please Like, Share and Subscribe as YouTubers say since it is critical for growing our channel.

Thanks and enjoy!


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Your post caught my attention. I'll definitely take a look at your channel. I know it is a lot of work, so thanks in advance.