You can install Windows 10 via card reader


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If you can boot from it(change bios), you can install.

Hit Ctrl, Alt, delete after boot beep. got to card to boot from.


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If you have another OS on your system......ALWAYS disconnect those drives and install in isolation. Never put more than one OS on one disk.

Never use a boot menu. If the primary OS BOOT gets will lose the other OS.

Select the different OS.......thru bios.

This will save you hours of frustration and re-installs.


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The title says it all! You can, infact, install windows 10 with a microSD card if you dont have a USB flash drive on hand!

I thought this was common knowledge?

You can also install unbuntu and pretty much every newer OS that way assuming your PC can boot from a flash drive.


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I haven't done anything on a new laptop. But there has been more than once that I had to go into BIOS to boot with a thumb drive....let alone a flash card. I always get the old dogs.

These annoyances have probably been resolved on the new stuff.

I have no need of such but when I see joey's rig.....I think that would fit my lap just fine. Glad he doesn't show it off that much. She's a beauty.


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I think it would only work if the cardreader is seen as an usb drive and the SD card is made bootable.