Yamaha TSR-700 US step up to EU

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I’ve moved from the US to Ireland I have a Yamaha TSR 700 AV receiver and wonder if I could get a EU Yamaha V6A transformer and simply solder it in?

Or should I better get a step up converter if yes, which one would you guys recommend?

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I am guessing, because no information is provided, that your concern is the mains power, which in Ireland, as in the UK, the basic mains power is 220 volts, 50Hz. In that case you would use a STEP DOWN transformer so that the 220 volts will be reduced to 120 volts.
BUT there may possibly be a mains voltage selector switch on the receiver that can be set to the 220 volts in position.. You will need to consult the owners manual about that possibility.


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Looking at the internal guts of these they have a large fixed input transformer with two outputs and a switchmode psu inside.
If you can get hold of a European transformer for it otherwise you need a step down transformer 230V to 120V.