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Hello Everybody,
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I have a Yamaha PSR-31 keyboard and until a couple of days ago, it was working fine. Now, when I turn it on, nothing happens. No LED and no sound when I press the keys. I have tested the power supply with a multimeter and it is absolutely fine. I then tested the main board inside the keyboard and there seems to be 13v (the power supply is 12v) everywhere. Even across the LED and in signal cables going to the sound chip. The capacitors closest to the power jack charge to ~5v and then discharge to 0v and stay there. I'm including a copy of the schematics that I obtained directly from Yamaha in the hopes that it will help you to help me. ;)


Hello! Happy New Year 2024! All the best in the new year! I inherited a Yanmaha PSR-31. I only found a service manual, but there is no electrical circuit diagram. If possible, send me the electrical diagram by email: <Mod:Deleted email>. I have a great desire to restore this instrument. at the moment it is not working. The power LEDs are on, but there is no other response.

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