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Hello all. I have a Yamaha electone mc600 organ, I want to mod it so I can play guitar effect pedals with it and via its internal speakers not external ones I I also want to connect them so the drum machine aspect of the organ is not effect by the guitar effect pedals. I have attached a link to the service manual which has block/schematics Diagrams. Any help/advice is deeply appreciated. Thank you all, enjoy



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Does the onboard effects it comes with (such as reverb) affect all the channels including the drum machine? You have to find a point where they are divided. I can't tell which VCA is which in the block diagram. You need an insert point.

I'm guessing he wants to use use things like distortion and echoes.. etc.


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If you just want to mix the audio output from you guitar effect and that of the organ outputs, it should be possible. By connecting the output of the guitar effect pedal to the aux jack of the organ.

The main volume control would amplify both the audio of the guitar and the organ.


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I believe what he wants to do is what’s known as an insert, whI h inserts the effects into the signal chain but wants to isolate the percussion from the effects, it will take some surgery and identification of which circuits do what but it is possible.