Would like help in getting most out of MOSFETS for ozone generation by corona discharge

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I would like to get my circuit output above 25KV without blowing 20 MOSFETS everyday. That being said, I've been able to make lots of ozone with even as low as ~18 KV but it seems that I just can't pull much more voltage out of the xfmr with what i have without a MOSFET failing for one reason or another.

Should I try parallel pairs of MOSFETS?
Is a large duty cycle preferable over a small one?
Is zero voltage switching a thing i should look into?
Are resonant points relevant here?
Should I look into adding an inductor somewhere?
~2KHz vs 7KHz vs 15-25KHz?

I've attached the schematic. My question is how do I get the most out of this configuration? Any tweaks or recommendations? What is this method actually called?
I've also included some waveforms of the highest outputs I've achieved thus far. I managed to take these images seconds before something (almost exclusively a MOSFET) failed.

Thanks for your time