Worning; don't use Bestec ATX-250-12E on any machine!

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    Dec 6, 2013
    Hi guys;picked up this E- Machines T3958 desktop that i found on the side of the street,brought it home inspected for faults and power sup was dead,i had same model Bestec ATX-250-12E put there, after a couple of months running the pc would start but with blank screen, i've started troubleshooting and after a hard time to find the fault,men ram ok,power sup ok HD ok,i suspected the motherboard,but before i thew PC away,i luckily had this CPU hanging around that i don't even knew i had,i swapped it since it was the same part and fired it up and god bless; the machine worked ok,
    now i did not want to risk another fault, because i've red that this model Bestec ATX-250-12E had a very long history of causing a long list of faults like taking out the mother board and other parts so i had a Compaq power sup hanging around in my scrap and i had to do some adapting so it would fit,one thing i notice right way is that the pc makes alot less noise,hope this COMPAQ will be a better one? looking at the inside of both power sup it seems to me the CompaQ power sup is much better built and has 12v 5v rail better protection circuit.