Working on a project for solar garden light with programmable timer

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Your image is a bit difficult to see. Can you post a larger one?

Is this just for fun? Something you want to build on your own? Because there are cheap timers out there on eBay.

That battery is not going to last too long charging it that way. There is a whole science in charging batteries. You really should use a charge controller.

It looks like the light will be lite till the battery is depleted which is also very bad for the battery.

I have a similar project using a pic microcontroller. It monitors battery voltage and will shut the light off at a voltage that you can set. It is a bit over the top for the pupose but I can post it if you wish. But you would be willing to work with the pic micro.
Puc microcontroller way over the top for me but feel free to post it i might consider making one myself


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I did but some stuff was pretty hard to convey. Eg diodes and npn transistors
You convey the diagram by function. You know the function of the whole circuit is to provide a garden light. There are smaller blocks that consist of components doing other functions, when combined, accomplish the main function of the circuit.

In post 22, I pulled two components out of that diagram that performed a minor function. You haven't addressed that question yet. What does it do and draw the output.

What electronic topics have you learned or should have learned in school?

What textbook are you using?