Wiring overcurrent card to RF relay

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Hi folks,

can someone help me solve this puzzling challenge. I am trying to use the above overcurrent motor blocking card (yyi-2)along with a RF relay ( 4 Channel WIFI Momentary Inching Relay Self-lock Switch Module,eWelink app Remote Control Timer Switch,DIY WIFI Garage Door Controller (5-32V)) See pic. Below. The relays are used to control linear activators to open a patio doors and a chicken coop door. In order to prevent any accident I wish to add the overcurrent control device to the existing setup. I am concerned with only on patio door (thus using only 2 relays)

For an amateur, I have been doing fine so far to automate my house with Alexa driven apps and devices. However this time I am puzzled, this topic was covered a long time ago in this forum but I still can’t figure out the Required wiring diagram.

It seems to me that the control must be installed before the switch. Beyond the relay switch the polarity is inverted depending on the direction of the door. Obviously I want to control the closing...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, a diagram would be the summum...

Thank you In advance