Wiring analog signal (rca) to generic tft screen

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Thank you for reading and hopefully helping. Also im not an engineer nor am i studying to become one so sorry if i ask silly questions. I do however am moderatly smart and can follow simple instructions ^.^

What i want : I want to connect analog signal (rca. so positive feed and ground ) to a generic lcf tft screen. The screen id go for : TM022HDH26 (because of size. 2.2 is just what id need and ofc the price) *Datasheet included in attachments
What i would do (atm) : | connect the positive rca to pin #6 (SDI) | connect positive Power supply to pin #9 (VCC) | connect both ground rca and ground vcc to pin #8 GND | (see *attachment input_output_datasheet for this) / Most likely this is not the way to go since im reading lots of things on control board and power board. But cant really seem to find any coherent data on this. Its all over the place.

Why id want this
: Im a bit of an audio enthusiast. And Ive recently started building playstation 1's into cd players (the scph1001/1002 versions that is) See attachment for my latest achievement. Buttons, receiver for remote inside and awesome paintjob that picture hardly does justice :) But the next playstion i build has to surpass this one so i want to build a little screen into it. And a 2.2 inch tft would fit just perfectly.

So what id like is : Can you help me get started into wiring analog signal to my lcd tft 2.2 inch? if not can you help me maybe build controller board something similar? Or least point me in the right direction. If it cant be done, then the answer would be easy too :) Just hope it can be.

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My PS1 has 2 audio plugs connected to the sound inputs and 1 video (yellow) plug connected to the video input of my TV.

Your LCD does not have video input for the video signal. You need to design/buy an interface card to convert the composite signal to LCD signals before you can make use of this LCD.