Wiring 3x 24V alternators in series to get to 72V

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Is this possible? I want to put 3 24V alternators on my car to charge a 84V battery pack. 3 24V alternators should put out about 86.4V (14.4x6), but I am wondering if the alternators will all keep the same voltage (24V) between them. I would think so if the since wire is hooked to the negative of the alternator... But I guess the hard part is isolating the body of the case from the body of the car. I believe the case is ground, please let me know if you know.

But that is the thought, is it possible?

And if that is not possible, is it possible to make 84V alternators? Then I could hook 3 up in parrellel to get 100amp output. Alternators are usually limited to about 2,000-3,000 watts. I am looking for about 100 amps total at 84ish volts. So 8400 watts.



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3 Car Alternators in series is a real challenge
Best to install one @ 3,000 Watt AC generator and then connect to the proper battery charger.
What battery chemistry?
You have to compensate for a wide engine rpm.
Pulley size and belt size?
Cooling may be an issue.


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I have done a lot of things in the auto electric business but one thung I have never seen is someone connecting three alternators in series. My first response is that it will not work. They are not batteries. Putting them in series will accomplish nothing so scrap that idea.
My next thought is, why would someone want to do this? There is not enough room for 3 alternators under most hoods, the heat generation would be immense, the load on the motor high and depending on size of motor, probably stall it when under load.
so perhaps we can start back at the beginning and you can tell us what it is you are trying to achieve and why? Then we can begin to help you. Year, make, model and what you want to do.
Otherwise go to page 3 and you will find an article from skipperdan on building a 60 volt alternator. Same deal but his has a story.