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I'm beginner in signal processing in RF , I have transmitter and receiver , the transmitter are sending packets to the receiver , the receiver actually is a RF dongle captures data from transmitter , the dongle is RTL SDR dongle and Im confused on parameters of RF digital processing so would be appreciated to explain to me those parameters in detail and I appreciate much your effort ! in the transmitter there's RF parameters : frequency , symbol Rate , Deviation , RX filter BW, gain. in the receiver , the RF parameters : gain , sampling rate , frequency, sample period.
could anyone please explain to me those parameters and how they are related to each other? I mean how deviation of transmitter for instance are related to sampling rate to receiver etc ..

moreover, how is the length of my matched filter is related and affected to the fft of my signal? thanks alot

if could anyone send my any reference for PDF for learning those RF parameters more much, would be appreciated to send me any good reference for learning .

thanks alot!