Windows XP unable to access AAC using chrome

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Just found out this morning I was unable to enter AAC using Chrome on my XP box. Has microsoft come into terms with google to bar users going into certain Web sites?

My handphone Chrome was OK when entering AAC. When I switched to Firefox it worked with AAC under XP.


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Chrome on Win10 works, it seems. I'm not sure why Chrome on XP wouldn't, unless there's something weird with the XP version of Chrome.


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Chrome and Slimjet on XP work for me; though I don't use WinXP for browsing much because no browser on XP is secure. On Win10, I use Edge.


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I use Firefox to view AAC on my XP computer, and it is my default browser. It does have some display limitations with some web sites but I find that Chrome is far too intrusive slow. It spends most of its time updating its self and saving my preferences. It is not my choice of search engine because it always lists endless ads before it displays any real search results. Maybe it would work better if I opened a Google or Chrome account but I see no point in sharing all my data and files with an intrusive search engine so it can be more selective when inundating me with commercials..
On my Win8.1 desktop and my Win10 laptop, I use Microsoft Edge. It does an excellent job but unfortunately, it will not work in XP.