Windows 10 Telnet issue

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I am trying to hack my Siglent 2042X function generator. I found a video that shows how to remove the frequency limit.

I connected my generator via LAN cable to my router, and entered its IP in the terminals, also turned off my firewall. My problem is that I can not connect to the generator via any terminal (tried Terra and PuTTy) with telnet. I watched a couple of video on how to enable the telnet on windows 10, and I hope I did just that. However, both terminals give me the same telnet error ,,connection refused" What should I do, I want to solve this issue really bad...



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Any errors in Steps 6-9? Take screenshots.

Show the Windows firewalls is off

UPDATE: D’oh! Nevermind…If you can’t Telnet, you can’t do Steps 6-9
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Is Telnet on the function generator enabled? It's the server, and probably where the "connection refused" message comes from.

Also, have you verified it uses port 23 for Telnet? Not everything does.