Will infrared electromagnetic 220v 60Hz therapy lamp work on 110v 60Hz without problem

will 220v 50Hz heat therapy lamp work on 110v 60Hz

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I purchased a Infrared heat therapy lamp from a company in China. When i received it The outter box showed that it was 220v 50Hz and the metallic label affixed on the lamp also showed same. The electrical cord did not have a 110v plug. The plug is similar to this picture of plugs used in China. The lamp was shipped from HWALENG Medical Instruments, Chongqing Hualun www.cqhualun.com. Emails from the AMAZON posted BAYPKWY shipping company
stated that the lamp should be used with a plug adapter that fits USA 110v 60Hz electrical outlet. Is this a valid work around?


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I would assume that if it is stamped 220v then this is what it is made for and should be used on.
You could set up a N.A. 240v outlet to run it on.


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I’m assuming it’s just a fancy lightbulb. It may light up a bit, and not be damaged, but it won’t be anywhere near the output that was intended.