WiFi adapter engineering megamistake

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    Aug 21, 2017
    One man was making me a gift, the wireless adapter, maker name "Digitus" (PRC republic). First, nowadays everything has the same functionality already inside, second, it had a very strange defect, first few minutes everything works well, but then it stops gradually until at least hour must be waited, seems like a thermal defect. As I thought, the duck-neck antenna for 2,4 GHz at my plays may be utilized in many beneficial ways, so I took it with a thanks, and first job was to pull on the vector analyzer.

    Oh my.....
    between 1 and 4 GHz and more specifically at 2,4GHz, the SWR = about 70; R=1.2 Ohms; X(L)=50 Ohms.

    Have no doubt the digital side of device was in brilliant condition if was able to serve at least minute on such garbage-antenna. I opened it, all antenna parts was OK.

    Thus I have no doubt, if brand new device from just opened package with no identifiable defects have such parameters, it means that everyeveryeverything produced by whole that factory has an identical defect... the ocean full of garbage, for what some people are readily paying the real money to those crap-gamers.