Why is distributed computing/system important/necessary for big data?

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Here are the notes in my college curriculum, which I of course understand but it doesn't make clear what is the role of distributed system in big data-:

What is one example of use of distributed system in big data?




These are some tutorials that try to explain this topic. But imo fail to do so. They don't really explain the need of distributed system in big data.

(I already have studied subject called distributed system.https://www.ioenotes.edu.np/ioe-syllabus/distributed-system-computer-engineering-712 this was our syllabus. I studied it really well. I still have hipster pdas of this subject to reference upon...)
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Turn the question around often works in this situation
what the alternative to distributed computing
how would you implement lots of data and processing on a none distributed system

What the difference between what a distributed system can give you compared to a centralised system,