Who uses QuickBooks Self Employed? Who hates it? What is better?

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I've been using it for the past few years and it really sucks. The only reason I use it is because it is connected to TurboTax, which I also use, and the data ports seamlessly. But the web app is just horrible. Complaints:
  • It does not reliably pull in all my transactions from my bank. I discovered that just this year. It failed to import three of my largest invoices, worth almost $20k so that was quite noticeable. Upon further investigation I found that it missed over 20 transactions, so in past years I may have underreported or missed deductions.
  • It loses the receipts that I upload at least 50% of the time. I have uploaded receipts for some of my transactions 3, 4 times, and still when I log out and come back later, the attachment is gone again.
  • The Profit, income, spending totals that it calculates and displays while adding transactions is, as far as I can tell, just totally random.
  • There is no export/import. I wasted 20 hours getting my taxes in order under the wrong profile and there was no way to connect my turbotax account to any QBSE account than the original correct one. So I had to redo all that work under the other profile. It only took 15 hrs the second time around.
  • I have more but those are the main ones

What are you self employed folks using? I need something better for next year. I'll kill someone if I have to use this again.