Which resistors I should use in these Irf3205 for better performance of my project.


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Once I used double 220ohm and 47ohm but it consumed about 20A of battery can anyone help me please.
Wow! You consumed 20A of battery through those resistors! Sounds to me like you need larger resistors, or a larger battery, or maybe both.

I, and perhaps others here, can provide more explicit advice if you will upload a schematic of what you are trying to build, along with a datasheet of whatever semiconductors you think might be suitable for whatever task the pictured kluge is supposed to perform.

Meanwhile, I'll go see if I can find my crystal ball to polish up... I will upload a photo if I can find it, like @Dodgydave did in post #5. Bought my crystal ball in Virginia Beach while visiting relatives there a few years ago. It's about four inches diameter and is suspended with a wire on a swivel attached to a chrome-plated steel spiral of increasing diameter from top to bottom. Ball rests near the bottom of the spiral. Fascinating to look at, but instructions warn not to place it in sunlight, lest the lens effect of the spherical glass ball start an unintended fire. Haven't experienced that yet since moving to Florida, but plan to try it out "real soon now" since the darned thing hasn't revealed any winning lotto numbers yet, and the Sun is fiercely bright here in southern Florida. May even try to expose it to your post to see if a better answer appears, with or without sunshine for illumination.


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Looks like you're making an Inverter or Induction Heating circuit, what Frequency is it?, all your fets are in parallel, try 100 ohms to 1K resistors for the Gate drives, and a 1K Gate to Source resistor.