which is brighter or is there a diff?


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Wow why does is seem like 80% of the responses are worded like I'm a [...censored...] idiot I'm new and trying to learn and news flash you learn by asking questions. And by getting responses back making the new person feel less than like duh you should know this its common knowlage.doesn't say much about your forum I'm 36 what if it were a 10 12 year old wanting to learn and you spoke to him like duh!
There are a lot of posts from newbies that are sparse on details and it makes responding to posts intelligently impossible or, at the very minimum, tedious; so you open yourself up to some unexpected and possibly unwelcomed responses. Put yourself in the position of potential responders. If you would have indicated in your original post that you were new and trying to learn, you might have been treated with kid gloves; but, for all we know, you're a troll intentionally asking ambiguous questions with few details. Rude language is rarely necessary or tolerated.
what are those numbers then? That I circle d
You circled the total current drawn by each circuit. The current figures you gave in your original post were meaningless without knowing how the LEDs were connected. From your later, more detailed post, you can see from the data that the extra power was consumed in the current limiting resistors and would not contribute to the brightness of the LEDs.


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It's worth noting that the voltage delivered by a battery can sag below the nominal value, and the battery may add to the total resistance in the circuit. So if you follow mcgyvr's good advice to put as many LEDs in series as possible (the same thing I would recommend), you need to be aware of the minimum battery voltage when you decide whether to add one more LED. You could end up with one too many LEDs, and it won't light at all on a low battery.


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i think your over analyzeing this a tad it just a led power and resistor im posting something now
I wasn't analyzing it at all because you didn't provide anything that could be analyzed. From your schematics that you've since posted it can now be seen that, despite the total current difference, the power absorbed by the LEDs is identical and therefore you can expect nearly identical brightness (assuming they are balanced well). You can also see that the exact issue I pointed out in my "overanalysis" is key to understanding this -- that the configuration details are critical as far as how many diodes are in series and how many parallel paths there are.