Where to start, to learn these emerging technologies

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Sleve Hope

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Hello all..!
I want to learn these emerging technologies and don't know where to start.
I would like your hear your recommendations. If you have any study material please share.
Please make sure that anything you share is not too difficult for me to understand must be from basic to intermediate level.
Also which Programming Language to start with, I know there are many build in libraries in python used to train data sets. Also I know a few basics of AI, Machine Learning.
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Also which Programming Language to start with
Learning any language, programming or otherwise, is useless unless you are going to actively use it. So, learn the one you need to. As to emerging tech, in order to even understand it, you need to know the basic tech it is derived from. So start with the basics.


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i am looking to join a team for IOT coding for design of any device, please let me know
i am well versed in aurdino programming


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I agree on the language. I had a project to do. The language came later. I went PIC Assembly, because at the time it was directly applicable to what I needed. It seemed C required to much just to get started.

As for emerging technologies, in what field? Certainly not all fields of human endeavor. You are asking for the basic and at the same time want to keep up with emerging. That seems more than a little self-contradictory.


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As to learning, follow the trade publications to stay abreast of new developments in the field. The only way to truly learn about it is to do it.