Where to get the BSI CMOS Image sensor online with features mentioned?

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I am a Master's Student and for my project I need a BSI CMOS image sensor with the specification mentioned below----

Process: 1P5M 65 nm BSI CMOS
Die size: 5 × 5 mm2
Pixel size: 1.1 × 1.1 μm2
Pixel array Total: 1600(H) × 2056(V)[3.2 MegaPixel]
Active: 1536(H) × 2040(V)
Active area: 1.69 mm (H) × 2.24 mm (V)
ADC resolution: 10 bit
Maximum frame rate: 45 fps
Power consumption: 182.8 mW
Power supply: 2.8 V
Sensitivity: 1.05 V/(lux·s)
Conversion gain: 120 μV/e-
Full well capacity: 3200 e-[/b]

Till now, I came across of the sites
1. https://www.mouser.in/
2. https://www.onsemi.com/

But with the exact specification(if not all at least 1P5M 65 nm BSI CMOS,1.1 × 1.1 μm2, 1536(H) × 2040(V), 45 fps in a compact device) I am not able to find. On other note, if I get one matching parameter other is deviating lot.
I am referring a paper where 65 nm BSI CMOS,1.1 × 1.1 μm2 pixel width,Pixel array Total(3.2MP)---- are the main USP to search for.
Can anyone please help me or give me some idea where to look for?