Where do I connect Balance Leads? Did I connect my 4s6p 18650 pack correctly?

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I just put together what i think is a 4s6p battery pack. Im using 18650 cells and 3 cell holders... Would have got 4 cell holders if I had know.

I get it all soldered up and when im about to attach bms it dawned on me that i think ive put it together wrong. i made packs of 4 cells in series and then took 6 of them and put them in parallel... But dont have the correct spots to connect balance leads??

I think I should have put 6 cells parallel and then take those 4 packs and put them in series? Im almost positive that is correct!!! DAMN...

Here is a picture of the current build..LOL

I am assuming that is not correct... I make a 6s4p didn't I?

My first battery pack but I know better... Wasn't thinking
Thanks for your help